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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 1, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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clark's friday night. >> i learned from willie's uncle the other night that he taught him to fish by putting fish sticks in the bathtub. >> tonight we're going to be in boston talking at the kennedy school forum. oh, it's going to be good. tuesday we're going to my alma mater. >> and wednesday morning live "saturday night live." >> it's way too early. >> it's "morning joe" but stick around for "daily rundown" with chuck and savannah. >> one day more as our new nbc news poll have any hope for democrats or a republican route? we'll go behind the numbers. plus, on the trail -- >> if everyone who fought for change in 2008 shows up to vote in 2010, we will win this election. i am confident of that. >> well, did president obama
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close the sale? we're live from coast to coast breaking down the critical races this morning. just 24 hours away. the new details on friday's terror scare. why authorities think the target may have been passenger planes. it's monday, november 1st, 2010. i'm chuck todd. 24 hours to go. i'm not ready. >> actually going to be going in the other direction. i'm savannah guthrie, morning, everyone. let's get right to the rundown. our latest nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. less than 24 hours to election day and this poll confirms democrats potentially face a tidal wave tomorrow. they trail republicans by six points among likely voters. 49-43 in that generic ballot. deputy political director has been looking at the numbers. mark, what else did you find in the poll? >> savannah, our poll shows what voters are wanting are change in congress and also from president obama all adding up to possible
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big gains for republicans tomorrow night. . in the poll, 40% say it's a good thing if republicans took control of congress. that number is virtually identical to what we saw in 2006, right before those elections when democrats won back the congress when 40% said it would be a good thing if democrats took back control of congress. also, the poll shows that 63%. a combined percentage including 47% of democrats want eeth argreat deal or quite a bit of change from president obama. so, the candidate who campaigned on change in 2008, voters still want change from him. >> all right, mark murray and our new york newsroom election headquarters. get back to the boiler room with the team. >> you make that sound terrible. >> no, it's a great place to be over the next 48 hours. we'll see you in a few hours and we'll delve into this poll with our pollsters in a few minutes. mark murray, thanks very much. well, now, to the political
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bombshell threatening to break open a tight senate race in alaska. joe miller is accusing a local news crew of trying to fabricate a political scandal citing this newsroom conversation caught on tape. >> joe miller's, list of people, campaign workers, which one's the molester? >> we know -- >> put out a twitter and facebook alert saying that hey, joe miller, punched at rally. >> kind of like rand paul, i like that. >> more from anchorage, alaska, this morning. >> good morning, chuck and savannah. the race for the senate is really heating up here in alaska and now sarah palin is entering the fray, once again.
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lashing out at one of her favorite targets, the media. this after that vaoicemail you just heard. fabricate a negative story about him. the news story had adamantly denied those allegations but sarah palin is latching on to the incident and lashing out at the media calling the media "corrupt bastards." those are comments she then repeated on national tv. >> that's what it is wrong with the media today. when they have their chosen one and it is corrupt. it is frustrating. it is why americans are saying, no more. enough is enough. >> despite palin's support, miller is in a three-way race with democrat scott mcadams and incumbent lisa murkowski. miller beat murkowski in the gop primary and then she decided to run as a write-in candidate, essentially denying her party.
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miller has seen his polling numbers drop and now reports have surfaced that some gop leaders have said that they think that murkowski might be the best bet for winning this state. in fact, the chairman of the nrse came out and said miller could be in real trouble here. either way, we might not know who won this race come tuesday night or wednesday morning, it could take days. chuck, savannah? >> all right. nb kristen welker in anchorage. >> very cold and very early in the morning. it's interesting here, look, a lot of confusion on what the polling is showing. a very difficult race to poll because you're not quite sure when you say write in, are you prompting them? what are you doing? clearly murkowski has put herself in the game and you have democrats, they are worried joe miller is collapsing too quickly and they're trying to raise him
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and somehow mcadams gets, it's very confusing. the fascinating portion of this is, look, i think sarah palin is very nervous because if her guy doesn't win this, it's a big hit on her that lisa murkowski stood up to her and stopped her from getting her candidate. >> if the democrats were to win in alaska and delaware democrats that the republicans otherwise would have gotten, it's a real black mark on sarah palin. >> republicans will have a great night. >> another reason to be excited for election day in the sense of all that suspense. developments this morning in that terror scare. u.s. investigators are headed to yemen to help hunt down those responsible for planting explosives aboard two u.s.-bound planes. john brennan says this plot was the real thing. >> it was a viable device. it was self-contained, so it could have been detonated and activated. it was addressed to some locations in chicago that had
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been associated with synagogues. so, therefore, what we're trying to do is determine whether or not the target was the aircraft itself or the ultimate destination. >> nbc justice correspondent pete williams is in our newsroom following the story. pete, bring us up to date on the latest. >> i think it's fair to say that the officials still don't know precisely what the intended targets were and how these devices were intended to work. what were the components of the cell phone for these things to do. would they receive a call? the timers of the cell phone. based on what is known so far the target was aircraft. american officials take that a little further and say they believe it is very likely that the al qaeda in the aribbian peninsula group wanted to attack passenger planes. apparently in the belief that cargo checked in in yemen would ultimately find its way on to passenger planes when it came into the u.s. half the cargo carried internationally here does end up
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on passenger planes and two passenger planes did carry one of the packages before it was intercepted in dubai and the united arab emirates and the other one intercepted in england. the rush is on to try to find the people in yemen that the u.s. strongly suspects has no concrete proof here but strongly suspects the same bomb builder behind two previous attacks. he also was the person who designed the underwear bomb that was used on xrchristmas day. yemen is eager to find them and the u.s. has people over there. that same time, no further packages coming from yemen. they all say they're not accepting any packages from there for at least a long time to come. >> pete williams who has been following the story all weekend, that's for that complete report from the bombmaker to the issue of packages. i think we got it all in there, thank you very much, pete. less than 30 minutes before
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the opening bell, wall street is waiting on two big events. the big election and the report of the federal reserve. >> right now the futures are above fair valus. the dow future up by 50 points and not just the election that wall street is waiting on, what could be an even more important meeting coming from the federal reserve. they start meeting on tuesday. on wednesday, wall street is expecting to get some sort of answer as to what's going to happen with quantitative easing. that easing of monetary policy that the fed is expected to come in with. the expectation is that they could come in with as much as a trillion dollars which could help boost the economy somewhat and now we're starting to wonder if that is the case or if the fed will maybe quietly say something more like 100 to $200 billion. that sounds like a huge amount of money, but that would disappoint the street if they only come in with that much money in terms of what they're going to offer in terms of quantitative easing.
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you could see a whole lot of volatility that comes in. if the number is below, you could expect that there is pressure on stocks later this week. not to mention coming up on friday, a big job's report coming up, too. a lot of data that the street is going to being anticipating this week. federal reserve probably the most important and the election, the job's report and it will all add up to a lot of twists and turns this week, guys. >> all that activity particularly with the fed be leading our broadcast. becky quick, keep us honest on it, we'll check in again with you tomorrow. coming up next, inside the numbers. what matters most to voters as they make up their minds and head to the polls. more insight from our final nbc news/"wall street journal poll." we'll head to pennsylvania, first lady michelle obama heads there today to see if she could get joe sestak across the finish line to upset pat toomey. first, a look ahead at the
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>> the republican leader of the house says this is not a time for compromise. that's a quote. the republican leader of the senate said his main goal for the next two years, his top priority is to win the next election and to beat me. we haven't even finished this election. well, president obama and john boehner's home state yesterday of ohio just hours before election day trying to fire up democratic voters. all about the ground game now as our final nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows they're on
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track for big wins. how big? >> let's have our pollsters. frank yang is here and this is the generic, congressional ballot. chuck has his ipad here. we'll do the vanna white thing here. republicans by two points among registered voters but among likely voters we see a six-point gap. fred? >> you know, it's going to be a tough election tomorrow. i think one of the things, though, that the other questions in the polls showed is if you added libertarian and green party candidates the republican advantage shrunk to one point. that's why a lot of uncertainty still yet of what will happen tomorrow night. number one is turnout and we could see democratic incumbents winning, but with less than 50% because of these third party candidates. >> this was something a month ago you were very nervous about. you seem less nervous about it today than a month ago. >> democratic intensity never got repaired. a 12-point gap, that's the
9:16 am
largest margin i ever measured in 20 years. the democratic incumbents will get stuck at 45% to 47% of the vote. we'll see republican tidal wave of really historic magnitude. that's what the numbers are telling us. >> when we saw president obama campaigning and let's take a look at his approval number. he's now at 44%. 52% disapproving and it actually dropped since our last poll, right? >> his job approval among whites has been 40% or below. 38% today and bill clinton was at 44% with whites and 58% of the voters are white. they're much whiter than the overall country and in states like west virginia, he's got a 32% job approval. i think the president tilts in a negative direction a lot of seats to republicans sg republi >> you are playing on a lot of republican turf or sort of
9:17 am
conservative-leaning turf, are you not? >> we are. that's why the last couple days the president has been in pennsylvania. he's been in nevada and he's been in states with minority voters, particular young voters. he still has very strong ratings and that could be enough to help tip races and in nevada and in our election. >> it's how the parties are viewed. democrats get a 39% positive and republicans 34%. and this environment, republicans are still polling worse in our poll. bill, this reflects on something that i had a top republican tell me just yesterday that we don't think voters are electing us as they are unelecting democrats. >> one out of ten voters have a negative view of both parties, but almost 90% disapproval of president obama and 80% said he wants their policies changed. a chunk of voters that are certainly saying, i'm not happy with the republicans, but i want to send a rebuke and a message and i'm not happy what has been done the last two years. >> there will be an even shorter
9:18 am
leash on the republicans than they gave the democrats. they're frustrate would both political parties and same message, different parties and, you know what, the same message, different parties in two years. >> the shortest speakership for one party to control the house in the now 60 years where it switched within a four-year period. >> here's a sobering number. the speaker of the house, nancy pelosi with independents has 61 negative and for all the people who remember the newt gingrich era and today speaker pelosi has higher unfavorables. that 861 is not a number that i don't recall seeing. it's unprecedented. >> let's do it, pollsters, all three of you, if you had to be on a deserted island for one poll number, isn't this the one most telling? >> i think a lot of the satisfaction and patience and they're going to send the
9:19 am
message that we want things to be done on the economy. i thought the other interesting number from our poll was with democrats and independents. the number one issue was jobs and the economy. >> bill, i just wrote 72 up there now very well up there with the ipad. but it's because you have 50 60% of folks say the country is headed in the wrong direction. >> i used to work with ronald reagan's pollster and peter's rule was 70, 75% of wrong track voters vote against incumbent party. when it exceeds 60%, independent parties crumble and the doctrine is being played out for now about the 40th year in a row. >> let's very quickly go through these final in terms of the views of president obama. he has 47% positive. 42% negative. there we go. >> let's do obama and pelosi. >> nancy pelosi, 50% negative and then george w. bush, 51% still negative.
9:20 am
but didn't our poll acally find, bill, that people don't think republicans will return to the bush policies, which is a flat out rejection of the main message democrats have been trying to convey. >> we had a great question. do you think that republicans, if elected, would go back to bush policies or have new ideas. and, again, i can't tell you it's a compliment. it's what they tell you. they can't possibly do that again. it's nothing that we do instead. >> very fast, fred. a lot oprepublicans nationally want to say, look, this is a referendum on obama. it's in their interest to nationalize it. i look at every race and it looks like a referendum on speaker pelosi. >> referendum on the democratic party. >> good to have both of you here. thank you. coming up, three key indicators that might tell us what direction tomorrow's vote will go and it has nuthing to do
9:21 am
with the red skins' game. >> this one harkens back to the clinton era but everything that is old is new again. a political strategy that takes ideas from the political left and ideas from the political right and then finds compromise somewhere above. >> but the big question, of course, on november 3rd, will the white house employ a little triangialation. they'll have to figure it out between their 20 or so moderates and the 40 or so tea party members. it will be happening everywhere. >> another word for compromise, really. >> we'll see. send us an e-mail, send us an e-mail, nny how nature just knows how to make things that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good.
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as voters start heading to the polls tomorrow, a lot of people have already voters. three key indicators we're watching to determine the direction of the night.
9:25 am
>> ash always, the mid-term outcome depends on voter turnout. the economy is a major factor this year with 84% of voters dissatisfied with their economic situation. that tells the story. and, of course, a record amount of spending by outside interest groups in these final days and that could impact the races and, frankly, already has. ron brownstein is director of "atlantic media" needless to say, this is the whole ball game particularly for democrats to stem losses. >> you see in the polls that have come out in the last 48 hours a very clear pattern among voters considered most likely to vote right now. republicans r are up five to si points. among registered voters, the numbers are closer even slightly behind for democrats. clearly for them the key here is to change the pattern of turnout from most pollsters are expected and certainly the president's
9:26 am
efforts have been aimed in that direction and right now it looks tough for them. two of the groups, they run best, minorities and young people. ten to fall off more in the mid-term and no question that the republican base is innenergd but any hope of holding down losses, bringing out more of their own. >> seems like we'll see an average to good mid-term election turnout but a presidential turnout among republicans. >> we have seen energy in the republican party throughout the obama presidency, really. in many ways, very similar to what happened in '92. bush left office and the republican base was divided and comes in with a democratic congress and they do the things that democrats want to do usually in expanding the role of government and a bigpirati port the republican base. >> our next indicator at the top of the list, frankly, the economy. perhaps no other issue is animating this election more than the economy. >> the big change for democrats, i think, from the spring until now when they talk about a bad election to looking at a
9:27 am
catastrophic election is not the way that people perceive their immediate circumstances, that doesn't seem to be declining. what is falling off the table, optimism about the future. that is one of the keys we identified. there is simply not a sense that we are on a track toward making things better. the principle argument that democrats wanted to make. you add this to the performance issue and, again, it adds up to a much bigger threat. >> the perception of the economy fell off a cliff again in the end of may, june you can look at it in our polling. some confidence percolating up in april. oil spill, greece, a couple other things and then job growth. ooutside money, the importance of this is they're taking advantage of the wave. >> exactly right. this has not created the threat to democrats, but allowing republicans to maximize the advantage they take of this under lying mood and the public. this clearly helped republicans expand the battlefield and also put enormous pressure on democrats in terms of diversifying their resources and
9:28 am
diluting their resources as they try to defend an ever lengthening length of seats both in the senate more than they expected and many more than they expected in the house. >> much more union spending on the democratic side to try to respond to this, as well. >> we are in this unbelievable arms race in politics and, yet, also seeing incredible volatility. the first time from 1946 to 1950 where we had 20 seats changing hands and it doesn't feel, i don't know about you, but it doesn't feel like the pendulum is done swinging. >> not at all. >> appreciate it. coming up, kentucky derby a photo finish or is this race over before it started? we'll go live to the campaign trail. it may be the democrats' last stand. can boxer and brown keep california for the party in power? but, first, today's trivia question from the almanac of american politics. what member of congress currently locked in a tough re-election campaign as a father
9:29 am
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pretty close to the bottom of the hour. quick look at what's driving monday. >> we're in the final hours before election day and the candidates are making their last pitches to voters with the help of surrogates like president clinton, michelle obama and mitt romney out on the trail today. u.s. investigators are headed to yemen to help search for the al qaeda bombmaker believed to have built the explosives planted on a pair of u.s.-bound cargo planes. he is also believed to be responsible for the failed so-called underwear bombing, attempted bombing last christmas. meanwhile, the tsa writers 100 per of high-risk cargo on
9:33 am
cargo-only flights to be screened but the agency acknowledge that it is falling short of that requirement. experts also point out when cargo is by mail carrierses the companiesthemselves do the screening. with 24 hours to go until election day, we're tracking all the key races around the country and we have folks everywhere, i promise you. >> in kentucky favorite rand paul is looking to cement his lead over democrat jack conway on this final day of campaigning and this is where we find kevin tibls in bowling green, kentucky, this morning. this is where rand paul will end his day. kevin, what's the feel there? >> well, it's a beautiful day here and a great day for campaigning, which is what both of these two contestants will do all day. jack conway is even bringing in the big dog, former president bill clinton to give him a hand. he seems to be trailing at this point in time. he is playing catch up and he is playing up against rand paul, the tea partier who has taken
9:34 am
this state and perhaps a lot of this election by storm. mr. paul is also going to be crisscrossing kentucky today and getting people out to vote tomorrow. talking to them, continuing polar opposite of what mr. conway is talking about. he is hoping the charisma of the former president of the united states is going to at least help him at least catch up to some extent in this race that mr. paul seems to be edging, edging away and we have not really seen any of the rancor that has taken place over the last few weeks. we have seen these negative ads and mr. paul refusing to shake hands after a debate when his faith seemed to be questioned by mr. conway and now we're in the home stretch. these guys are campaigning full out until tomorrow and that's what they're going to be doing. mr. paul is actually going to be finishing his day up here in bowling green, which, of course,
9:35 am
is his real center here in kentucky. >> all right, kevin tibbles on duty for us in bowlen green, thank you. now to the senate race in pennsylvania before b between republican pat toomey and joe sestak. how strong will voter turnout be particularly in philadelphia? that's where nbc ron allen is standing by. ron, everybody knows sestak will win philadelphia, but how much vote is he going to get out of philadelphia to overcome toomey's advantages else where? >> well, you're right, chuck. that's the big question and that's how democrats win races in pennsylvania by running up the numbers in philadelphia. there are no candidates from philadelphia on the ballot here this time around which is a problem for sestak, perhaps. he has been up since about 5:30 this morning making about a dozen stops around philadelphia, starting with commuters coming into the city. this morning he is at diners and knocking on doors and doing everything he possibly can and all wraps up this evening at 7:30 on the campus of university
9:36 am
of pennsylvania where michelle obama will make a final stop for him. president was here a couple days ago and sestak has all the democratic bigwigs that he can really coming in here trying to rally the base. they are trying to get the obama voters to turn out for sestak. 1.2 million registered voter advantage here on the democratic side, but, so far the polls don't indicate that those voters are excited. pat toomey ahead in the polls another poll out this morning that says he has a five-point lead, which is consistent or so with where he has been throughout the fall. he is a veteran campaigner and served in the congress for three terms back from 1999 to fwo2005. he is known around the state and he also ran for the senate losing the primary to arlen specter back in 2005. so, again, he's been out there. people know him on the republican side and they're expecting a big victory. >> ron allen in philadelphia for
9:37 am
us. reminder pat toomey was tea party before there was a tea party, he might say. >> exactly. now, to the final push in california. maybe the remaining fire wall. >> i was going to say in the senate and governor races democrats seem to be holding strong against a nationwide republican tidal wave and miguel is in burbank with both of those races covered and, miguel, democrats have to hold on to the senate in california or as one analyst told me, that means it's a wipeout, right? >> yes, savannah and chuck. both democrats barbara boxer and jerry brown are joining forces and here at los angeles in a voter turnout rally and they'll need their base to come out if they go after the disenfranchised democrats who they fear may not vote and races are both relatively close and threats start with the gubernatorial race jerry brown who held so many elected seats
9:38 am
across meg whitman and according to a cnn/"time" poll he has a seven-point advantage over meg whitman but that lead is closer to ten point. those two have been duking it out for weeks. their campaign ads have gotten nasty. meg whitman spent $160 million a record on campaign ads where she has gone right after jerry brown calling him what california does not need and jerry brown in the meantime touted his experience. now, over to the senate race, that is a close race, even close than the gubernatorial race. barbara boxer is up against former ceo of hewlett-packard carly fiorina. she has a five-point lead and the field poll shows that lead closer to eight points. those two have been running neck and neck for weeks although barbara boxer pulling out a bit of an advantage and, again, tight races and the democrats
9:39 am
joining forces together to get voter turnout today as the republicans also crisscross the state in a race that is being closely watched across the country. back to you guys. >> nbc miguel up early for us in burbank, california. miguel, thank you. let's do our tricvia, which member of congress locked in a tough re-election campaign has a father named socrates? we have a lot of guesses here. >> the answer, ohio congressman zack space. some place i think we saw mr. boehner at yesterday, by the way. up next, we'll break down the senate mu jorsty makers. the key races that will determine whether we'll have a democratic or a republican senate. and stay with msnbc for nonstop election day coverage, including a special two-hour edition of "daily rundown."
9:40 am
that's tomorrow, wednesday, right here on msnbc. first, what is the white house tip of the day today? it may be one of my top three favorite ones. they're counting a lot of things that white house today. they're counting votes, they're looking at polls and also counting beans. 15 of them to be exact. it's a medicare prescription drug plan that saves you an average of over $450 a year, with monthly plan premiums less than $15 and copays as low as $2. with savings like these, you have more time to remember what it's really all about. enroll starting november 15. ♪ go to for details. is a powerful force. set it in motion... and it goes out into the world like fuel for the economy. one opportunity leading to another... and another. we all have a hand in it.
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on this date in 1800 that president john adams moved into the newly constructed president's house. the orig nalname for what is now known as the white house. reported when adams first arrived in his new digs he wrote his wife, abigail, to write "none but honest and wise will rule". >> are we playing the mary jane girls? one of my favorite songs from seventh grade. turning now to the battle for the senate and five races, frankly, that we don't know what is going to happen in. that's what we're focusing on
9:44 am
these days. we feel like it is down to five races where there is complete unknowns to figure out if the republicans or the democrats are going to be in charge. >> let's get to two experts, jonathan martin from politico. thanks for being here. let's start with -- >> here's the big, just so we can show off. >> let's explain really quickly here. he's are the republican house seats that are going to be competitive. what i say decided by single digits, at least. nine, ten points. david vitter is not going to break 50 and kentucky, missouri, alaska and then everything in blue are the 12 competitive held senate seats that we're mostly focusing on down here to the wire and just people doing the numbers most people expect you disagree. arkansas, alaska, indiana all off the map and if the wave is true, illinois and pennsylvania following. is that the assumption? >> leaving the fab five. >> so, without further ado,
9:45 am
let's go to nevada. i'm trying to control these three. all right, let's look at nevada. very, very tight. it seems like angle has the momentum. >> yeah, i mean, maybe. look, she's -- you rather be at 49 than 45 in that poll. but the reid internal data suggests something different here. who is going to vote? my attitude in this, i say the same thing about colorado. the race is probably just about tied, literally. i have a feeling in a tied race or something close to a tied race that enthusiasm with one point, half a point for republicans could make a difference. >> chuck, you wrote none of the above. >> it's my version of it. >> other than alaska, this is the race where nobody probably knows what's going to happen. the true mystery out there. >> to your point with that, chuck. the thing we should remember about this. sharron angle is not going to get 49%. the tea party candidate, you're probably looking at 4%, 5%, 6%
9:46 am
going in that vote. a good thing for harry reid. >> now, moving on to washington. this one is very, very close. nails bitten down to the nub in washington. chris, what do you think is going to happen. >> dino rossi moving in the right direction. if she loses, she's going to lose 50% to 60% of people liking her. it doesn't mean she can't win. >> skeptic about the republicans ability to win in washington. king county, seattle, but if you look at washington state history, in wave years, long time incumbents typically get tossed out. >> can we at least praise these two, maybe the highest minded senate race in the country. two qualified people, smart debating. >> we talk about this. remember that c-span showed two
9:47 am
debat debates back-to-back. it felt like one was a race for pta board president and one was a race for the senate. >> this transition to california hasn't been as civil as between long-term senator. >> wasn't it about hair? >> barbara boxer has been making the most of that hair comment. barbara boxer in a race with carly fiorina. a lot of republicans out there feels like this is tighter than the polls are reflecting. >> this is fascinating. barbara boxer's last race, a barack obama endorsement spot. it tells you everything you need to know about california. >> california one of the few states where you can close with that ad. i think if fiorina does lose it will be a reminder that republicans cannot run conservative statewide. how do you nominate someone and then get out of a primary of viable statewide. >> by the way, democrats in their final tracking that i know about has boxer up double
9:48 am
digits. and republicans, of course, there's no state where there's no divergent polling going on. >> probably alaska. >> i think we've seen devergeant polling. we just don't know what the elector is going to look like. republicans think they're going to overwhelm inthuenthusiasenth. probably find out. >> two more here, really fast. west virginia. >> west virginia. do i have a note here that says the last good poll in west virginia was done mid-october. >> it's brutal for people like us because we're waiting for good numbers. manchin has steadied himself. he shoots the cap and trade legislati legislation. this is not a victory for the national party. >> this is the tenth seat. polls close at 7:30. if democrats hold this, they hold the senate and if
9:49 am
republicans win this, they can win the whole thing. >> if you see west virginia fall, if you're michael bennet in colorado, you have to get worried. >> little time to talk about alaska. >> this is the race for all week. >> how about all month. >> you have a write-in who seems to be surging, but no one really knows. no good polling out there. this is sort of a total mystery. >> joe miller needs to stand as strong as possible and we don't think he can stand. if he collapses, i think it's very likely that murkowski wants it. >> no one has figured out how to poll this. another poll we didn't have here in. >> look at those numbers. >> mcadams and miller sitting at the same level and murkowski. >> it depends on this, chuck. is murkowski named or just a write-in candidate? >> any time you mention her name, if you say the race is between joe miller, scott mcadams and lisa murkowski, different than the experience.
9:50 am
>> the voter has to write her in. >> won at the alaska supreme court, very important. she won a vote at the end and people can give the names of the write-in candidates at the election ballot box. >> one fast final note to alaska, very rural precincts and voters get pencils. >> we don't even have to be here. all right, we are out of time. we only have one-hour show. tomorrow is two hours, come back. >> with the election just a day away, by the way, you don't get enough of these guys "meet the press" a web-only special. 2010, the final countdown. join david gregory, chris, jonathan. >> i can't stand it. everybody has been on it. >> except for me, apparently. >> all right, check it out. >> check it out only at we had a lot of fun on "meet the press" yesterday. two shows. it was good stuff. stay on top of the election
9:51 am
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all right, before we go, let's take a dip in the shallow end where we'd like to introduce you to charlie and spike. they have become a youtube sensation that causes these cats to sporadically fall over. their condition is extremely rare in cats. it is most common in goats. so much so it is known as fainting goat syndrome. here's a little science lesson for you. science is a misnomer and the animals never lose consciousness when they fall over. if they are stardled, it causes their muscles to lock up. now we're showing you the goat
9:55 am
to establish that it is actually more common in goats. interesting. >> oddly sad. now to sports and let's go to arlington, texas. game four between the rangers and dreaded giants. before the game, former president father and son came out for the ceremonial first pitch, the younger bush threw a strike to rangers' president nolan ryan and then on to the game. by the way, that baseball signed by both presidents headed to cooperstown. the giants aubrey huff crushes a ball deep into right and madison blumgardner would go four scoreless innings. they could close it out tonight in arlington. if they don't, savannah -- >> yes, chuck. >> the first time that the world series has gone past election day. it has never happened, we think it's never happened before. we think we will look it up and
9:56 am
it may be moot if the giants win tonight. >> i know you don't want that. >> no, not at all. giants fans, the pain is coming. you're up 3-1. take it away from them, rangers. take it away from them. >> i'm sorry i brought it up. that's it for "daily rundown." >> coming up next, "chris jansing & company." >> janet napolitano with the latest on the package bomb terrorist scare. she will have john cornyn and we will see you back here for a sup supersize, two hour, can you stand it. pay me ,000? that would be nice, not getting swindled. um...where are we? don't just think about it. put lendingtree to the test. get the best deal, or $1,000. - i volunteered. - i was drafted. - i enlisted. - i was nervous. - and there i was in asia. - europe. - the gulf. - and i saw things. - incredible things. - and people you never forget.
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